I’ve been knitting away on my Gård shawl for a week or so.  Its sort of mindless knitting, a ridged garter stitch made up of four rows, one of which is a purl row.  Forty eight rows of this then about seventy five more of pattern. I think I mentioned in a previous post that it is 404 stitches long, the final row count is about 125, so thats about 50,000 total stitches. Sigh, I hope my mom likes it.


The final pattern for the Shawl Society II came out yesterday.  It’s pretty, uses bulky weight yarn and some cabling.  I like it, I can use stash yarn and it’ll be a quick knit.  My hands are itching with start-itis.

I haven’t purchased any yarn or patterns this week.  Although the temptation has been hard to resist.  I have gotten better at adding them to my Ravelry favorites, than my stash.  Recently I reorganized my fabric stash closet to make room for my yarn stash.  I got rid of the plastic stacking drawers that held my fabric and replaced them with some ELFA wire basket drawers. This consolidated the fabric enough to put the two ELFA units of yarn in the closet too.  I could probably fit another set of drawers in, but the closet has sliding doors, and there is that dead space in the middle.  It’s nice to have my stashes in the same room now, no more going downstairs to look for yarn.  One of these days I’ll go through my yarn stash and make a spread sheet, but just getting it into a more accessible spot is good for now.

One thing that I did buy was a Fleegle bead needle.  I know I have a pattern, yarn and beads all ready to go in my stash.  The last beaded scarf I made had you put all the beads on the yarn first.  That wasn’t very much fun, plus the working yarn had to go through all those beads.  Judy, at Patchwork times is knitting a beautiful shawl with beads.  I’m going to add that project to my Ravelry to-do list too.

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Quilt Myths

The last sleepless night, I found myself looking through my phone photos.  I thought that I could come up with a few design ideas for my Gravity quilt, since I was just laying there, at 3 am.  I started with this photo of it before quilting.IMG_2379 I am about 80% done with the quilting of this top.  I have unloaded it from my frame once, to quilt a baby quilt that I thought I would have another week or two to finish.  I reloaded it last Friday and have been working on it a bit each day.  As I looked at it that night/morning the upper left corner of the photo shouted “HEY!” at me.  Yup, a mistake, that four patch diamond needed to be turned around so that the dark gray was pointing to the center.  Later, after sunrise, I checked to see if I had quilted that area yet.  Thankfully the quilt was loaded with that section towards the bottom, the “to be quilted” section.  I had quilted up to that very diamond.  I was able to take it out easily, and unload the quilt and re-piece it in correctly.  Today I’m going to remount it on the frame and maybe finish it.

Getting back to the title of this post, Quilt Myths.  I was reading Quiltville this morning and Bonnie was talking about quilting mistakes and letting them be, or not. There was a comment from Mary Ellen:

Bill Volckening posted recently about the whole myth that the Amish put mistakes into their quilts “because only god is perfect.” He put the kaibosh on that notion! Here’s the link. I hope it’s okay to post it here.

Very interesting reading, also Bill took the whole month of September to banish a bunch of other quilting myths.  If you have some time, read a bit.

For me, I make mistakes with patterns, cutting, placement, sewing, etcetera, most of the time I leave them in or work with them.  This Gravity quilt is just too graphic of a design to leave that mistake in.  It definitely would bother me.  It was an easy fix too.  Unlike my El Camino quilt mistake, Finished Better than Perfect  I live with that one 🙂


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Another small quilt

IMG_2860This top is a version of one I saw at Gretchen’s Little Corner last week.  Gretchen made hers from a pattern she got from the blog Toefeather.  I changed the center block from plain to one that is “inside out”.  I ran out of green, because I got carried away and cut too many 2 1/2 inch squares.  The other fabric is called “Sprockets”, and its 60 inches wide, a convenient size for the backing.  It will be a colorful quilty gift for my DH’s associate, who’s baby boy is due next month.

I have been stitching away on my Gravity Quilt.  I’m about half way done, these large quilts always take more time to do than I think they will.  I’m not doing anything dense or any type of pebbling or micro-quilting.  I have been using lots of digital designs and practicing on using the software to place them in the diamonds on the quilt.  Yesterday I had to redo one three times.



I bought some things from Craftsy a few weeks ago, and they included a free 5″ charm pack.  I thought I would try it out as a quilt I recently saw on Instagram.  I’m not really excited about the results.

It’s kinda blah, like a rainy day.  I bought another charm pack and a yard of the aqua flora print.  I think if I do another round of squares and a bright aqua border it may perk it up, or not.  Regardless, I’m in for less than ten dollars in materials and a few hours of my time.


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Wish Maker

I have been working on the Shawl Society II project called Wishmaker.  It’s an easy knit, all garter stitch and eyelet rows.  I hit 90% last night, not bad for a weeks worth of stitching.  I am hoping to have it blocking by this weekend.  It’ll be a cozy warm shawl, its made from baby alpaca in its natural colors.




I was looking at the five shawls in this series of six on Ravelry.  Starting with the Fairy Hill shawl there are almost 900 people who made it into a project on their pages.  The next one, Sprite’s Fen has 479.  From there the next three, Vila wrap, Rune and Wishmaker have 300, 225, and 140 projects respectively.  It is interesting to me how the participation has dropped.  The cost for all six patterns, that are released monthly, is about 15 dollars paid up front.  I understand why the drop out happens, I’ve been in enough quilting swaps and BOMs to know it happens.  People loose interest, they don’t like the pattern as much, they don’t have the right yarns, life happens.  I think that part of the attraction and challenge of a KAL or series of patterns, for me, is not giving up.  I’m usually not the first one done, I’m not competitive like that, it’s more of a feeling of satisfaction that I finish. Having said all that, I’m enjoying the monthly surprise pattern and the fact that I’ll have 5 new shawls for this fall and winter.  The first one, Fairy Hill, I gave to my friend for her birthday in June.

I started the Tapered Cowl yesterday, it’s my new mindless knitting project.  216 stitches around, 18 rows stockinet, decrease round,  repeat.  I also ordered wrap kit called Gard, from Knit Purl in Portland.  I really should finish the left sleeve on my Strale pullover.  Maybe next week, as I have about three weeks until the next and final Shawl Society II pattern is released.

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It’s still summer, right?


I saw this quilt top made by Michelle at From Bolt to Beauty , she made it (quilted and bound) in a day.  My top took about four hours, so it is possible :).  The Pattern is the Candy Circle quilt at the Moda Bake Shop, and calls for a few yards of fabric and four mini-charm packs or one charm pack.  I used a bunch of scraps left over from a layer cake of “Little Ruby”.  It came out so cheerful and bright, makes it hard to think summer is almost over.  I was thinking it would be cute in holiday scraps too.  Use green instead of white for the border circle, assorted prints for the inner one and a WOW for the background.  Finished size is 40″ X40″.

I’m still working on quilting my Gravity quilt. I want to start the colored diamonds of the star, but I can’t decide on the designs.  The outer graduated gray diamonds have computerized designs in them, and I want to continue on to the inner ones with the same look.  Which means that I have to learn how to digitize what I am looking for or find and buy what I’m looking for.

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Finishing things

This week, while waiting for the 5th shawl pattern from Curious Handmade, I finished two hats and a sleeve.  Plus got the yarn for a cowl I want to knit from Churchmouse yarn pattern called “Tapered Cowl”.  It came with a little fabric too, for a quilt and stash, I’m a sucker for a clearance sale.  I finished the gray and turquoise Pandamonium hat and the Thinking hat.  I left out one panda head repeat on the hat and the size is much better.  I used worsted weight yarn, so my first hat was a bit big.  The Thinking hat is also a bit big, I’m thinking of felting it slightly to make it fit more snuggly to the head. I also finished the right sleeve of the Strale sweater yesterday, before casting on for the Wishmaker Shawl.


I changed my yarn choice for the Wishmaker shawl.  I was going to use some DK weight yarn that I had gotten in a sweater kit, but it was too blend-y. The shawl would have lost all its character.  Instead I am using another stash yarn, a two ply natural color alpaca yarn. I have three colors, brown, tan and natural white.  I bought this yarn a long time ago, and made a linen stitch jacket out of Jean Frost’s book “Jacket” called Winchester.  Sadly I have grown too much to wear it, but I keep it because that linen stitch took so long to do.  Anyway, I had enough left over yarn, so now it will become a shawl that fits me.  I’ll have to add a picture later, as I don’t have one yet.

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Design Wall

I started the Stair Bender quilt last week.  It’s not difficult, strip piecing and simple sewing and cutting, just a lot of it. There are twenty blocks that have 30 diamonds, and each diamond has 3 pieces, 1800 pieces.  I have been sewing in batches and chain piecing where ever I can, it just takes time.

I have also been working on quilting my gravity quilt.  I had it on the frame and all ready to go, when I had to take it off to quilt a baby quilt.  Happily, the young recipient is home from the NICU and growing fast.  I used up some more of the Story book fabric line for this quilt, I think I have enough of this fabric left to make one more small quilt.


I used a cute pantograph of clouds and stars to compliment all the clouds in the fabric.

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