60 degree Triangles

This past week I broke out the Baby Accuquilt Go and a new die for 60 degree triangles.  I have two baby quilts to make this year, down from four in 2016.  I don’t know the genders yet, although I know one couple is having a gender reveal party soon.  I think I have a fifty-fifty chance of getting at least one girl.  This quilt is done in soft peaches, tan and white with a bit of yellow for excitement.  I have not decided what to do for borders yet.  I have a bunch of HSTs that I cut from the scraps off the Go die.  I thought I would use them around the edges, but first I have to square up the top by adding in some half triangles.  I have some white Kona that matches nicely, may just do that.

In knitting news, I broke down and started a new project.  Judy at Patchwork Times posted about a new Ravelry club in  On the Needles ,  The Shawl Society ll, Curious Handmade, by Helen Stewart.  I found two skeins of Madeline Tosh Merino Light in my stash to use, the color way is Whiskey Barrel, the pattern is called Fairy Hill.  So far I have 29 rows done, after one sitting.  This pattern is written differently than what I am used to, but I like it.  It’s more like a table or spread sheet, and at the end of each row, there is a stitch count.  I have done lace knitting before, but it frustrates me to no end not knowing how many stitches I should have on my needles at any given row.


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It’s a Forest

My Friday finish this week is the Fancy Forest top.  It’s from a pattern by Elizabeth Hartman, and I used all the fabrics in her ‘Pacific’ and ‘Rhoda Ruth’ Robert Kaufman lines and Essex linen for the backgrounds, borders and sashing.  The assembly of this top stretched out over a year a so.  There were a lot of interruptions, but the instructions are so well thought out and explained, starting it up after a hiatus wasn’t difficult.  This top measures about 70 x 90 inches.  Good twin size, I think I am going to hang it up though, once it is quilted that is.


I have a fair amount of scraps left from this, I may make another few animals for a small wall hanging.  The toughest one for me was the fire-fly the whole mirror image concept never fails to throw me off.

Next up for me is to bind my El Camino quilt.  It has been quilted for a while now, but I was so upset with myself over the turned sashing strip that I put it away.  I think if it took me months of looking at it to actually see the mistake, then the average quilt admirer isn’t going to see it unless I point it out.  See that post here El camino .

Then, I may start piecing something new.  The fabric for the Labyrinth quilt isn’t here yet, so that may turn into a summer project.  I think that I finished up most of my current tops.  I should go look in the closet before I say that, LOL.  The “To Be Quilted” pile is falling over.  You wouldn’t know I was a Long-armer!

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A little bit of this and that

Vacation was nice, I think I needed to get away.  We went to London, England.  The weather was okay, we went to some of the tourist-y  places and lots of pubs.  Also I made my DH go with me to Liberty.  It was an interesting place, a department store actually, but in a tudor style.  I could have spent a few hours there, wandering, through the housewares, clothing and even jewelry.  There were stairs at one end and a central opening on each floor that looked down to the first.  Fabric was on the fourth floor along with the haberdashery.  All the bolts were on shelves on the perimeter of the large space, and there were smaller rooms, through doors, that surrounded the large space.  Big comfy husband chairs were strategically placed about too.  The smaller rooms had yarn, notions, patterns, and quilting cottons.  In the main area there were lawns, wools (oh so pretty) silks, upholstery and cottons.  All beautifully colored and printed, it was hard to make a choice.  I got two meters of a lawn print that I hope to make a summer shirt out of.  The fabric was cut for me, then wrapped in tissue and placed in a lovely purple bag.

Back at home, I’m recovering from the eight hour time difference, and sewing.  I made the borders for the Farmers Wife’s quilt, 2 ½ inch squares sewn together and the solid green outer ones.  It looks like its done to me, and ready to go to the “TBQ” pile.  I also got the Catkin quilt borders straightened out.  The wavy ones were about three inches too long, now they lay flat.  I am hoping to get to quilting it this week.

Next up is a quilt for my eldest DS.  He got new furniture for his bedroom this past year, in teal and dark wood.  The quilt I made for him when he first went to Boston, is too small for his bed.  He liked the pattern “Stair Bender” by Christopher Florence.  The same designer who made the “Labyrinth Walk” pattern.  I’m planning on making it in teals, white, grey and black.  It’ll be A-“mazing” lol.


This weeks goal is to finish the Fancy Forest quilt top.  Got the Allie Owls finished up yesterday.  They look angry to me, or intense, I may have to add some sparkle to them,  happy eyebrows, or white dots to the eye.


I left the thistle blocks for last, they seem the easiest.

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The Last Monday of March

This past week I got my 1930 Farmer’s Wife blocks sashed and put together.  I used 97 of the 99, as the layout I made worked out that way.  One of the two, I didn’t particularly like, it was a simple nine patch. I think the other one will go on the back.  Each of the quilt blocks took an average of an hour to foundation paper piece.  These 6 inch finished blocks  were interesting to make, as each one is different, and some more intricate than others.  A few have over eighty pieces, yes, 80.  I can’t decide on the borders.  I thought one 8 inch wide in the green would be nice, but then I thought about an inner border of assorted  2″ squares (more scraps of 1930’s fabric).  The center part measures 68 ½ by 78, with the addition of the two borders it would finish at around 78 X 98, queen beds are 60 X 80 that would give it a nice side drop.


I am leaving on a vacation today, and won’t be able to finish it until I get back.  It will stay on my design wall for a bit longer.

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Working on a project for me

I am working on finishing my version of The Farmers Wife 1930’s quilt.  The blocks have been done for months (8/16), the sashing fabric has been bought and stowed, and the idea of how to put it together has formed.  I started it yesterday, and I like it so far.  The Apple green solid is very refreshing in-between the blocks.  I am having fun with the little corner stones and setting blocks, in picking out one that doesn’t match the block it’s near.  This quilt is for me, I don’t particularly like the thirties fabrics or pastel colors, but there is an appeal for me.  The setting that is shown in the book is with white setting triangles and a border, too many bias edges for me.  My blocks are on point, but the sashing stabilizes them, and all those edges and seams have a place to lay flat.


The top is on the left, so my blocks will face the right direction.

For the past two months I’ve been working on three commission quilts.  They are for a company in NY, and will hang in their conference room.  Its been a good learning experience for me, in a good way.  I got the confer with architects and building designers, plus branding designers.  So much goes into the making of an office that once was an open space in a large old building.  It made me feel like a professional too.  I had my first ever conference calls, I was shipping out samples and proposals, and having people genuinely interested in the quilting process.  Phew, art can be a lot of work.  The quilts are done and ready to ship, just waiting on the final word from the designers.


Before I quilted the commissioned pieces, I wanted to finish up my Catkin quilt.  I was doing a digital motif in the blocks and a ribbony thing in the sashing and borders.   Simple enough, it was looking pretty good too.  I got to the last advance and the backing was too short, not an inch or two, but a full ten inches.  I don’t know what was going on the day I sewed that backing together, it’s a square, so I didn’t mount it wrong.  I took it off the frame and added more to the backing.  Luckily I had some of the same gray I used originally.   So that’s going back on soon. That quilt is on my finish pile this year, it was a Scraptastic mystery quilt that I participated in May 2015.  I think I’m going to fix the borders before I go any further with the quilting, looking at this picture, they are a bit wavey.


Lastly, this guy is growing like a weed.  He’s five months old today, and just over 50 pounds.


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January Slow down

These past few weeks have been a bit slow for sewing/project progress.  I got about an hour in on the dragon wall hanging.  I am stitching sequins and some thready trim on the spine of it. I managed to sew two and a quarter borders on the Catwalk quilt.  Spent an hour designing a commission piece and quilted a few blocks of the Catkin quilt.

Maybe, no, it is because of this guy.img_2266

Nothing like a puppy to keep you busy.  He is 3 months old this weekend, Berner puppies grow fast, he weighs about thirty pounds and will probably grow to 120 at maturity.  This period of his life reminds me of when my kids were little.  All my sewing was done during nap-time or after they were in bed.  When he’s awake he entertains himself chewing on toys and my other two dogs, luckily they like him too.   But like all toddlers, when he’s quiet, I know something must be happening .

Back to the quilts.  I did work on the January UFO, but it is not going to be finished this Tuesday.  I had the best intentions, got everything out, all the beads and sequins and trims I had bought for it.  I added a line of leaf-like sequins along the dragons spine catching a thread-y trim under them.  I sewed a bunch of red coral droplets to the legs and sequins to the beard.  I’d like to add more yellow beads to the belly strip, more clear sequins to the body and  more defining quilting.  I’ve been tossing around the idea of big stitches with silk cording or floss.  I’m debating on whether or not to put it away again, or leave it as a work in progress – in a tote.


Today I’d like to finish the borders on Catwalk.  There are only three pieces and they are already cut.   Yay! He’s asleep!

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Design Wall Monday

Got my “Catwalk” quilt top done last night.  I can see though, I need to redo two seams where the intersecting blocks don’t quite line up.  I was in a hurry (famous last words!) to get the final section attached and didn’t pin the seam as much as I should have.  Should only take a half an hour or so.


I got my “new” design wall set up this weekend.  My youngest son is at ASU, so his room is unused right now, it has a nice blank wall with great natural lighting.  I put up a row of removable stick-on hooks and found a bunch of big binder clips and presto! a place to hang tops and completed quilts.  I can even leave them up for display LOL.

Next up is the monthly challenge, my #3, Dragon wall hanging.

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