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Yesterday I quilted the top of my entry for PIQF.  It is coming along nicely.  I have two more weeks to complete it.  I guess I’m on schedule.  I used Micro quilter from superior and wool batting, it gave me a nice texture on the Essex linen.  The color blends in nicely too.

I’m off to cut a few miles of black fabric strips.

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Knitting Report

Sometimes I feel like I don’t get much done in the hours I spend knitting.  This past winter I knit almost everyday, but didn’t finish the sweater I was making.  I think I made a few scarves, hats and such, but its all a blur.  Then spring came and I lost interest for a few months.  I heard about the Curious Handmade Shawl Society II just after it started in May and jumped in with two needles.  I’m on my fourth shawl, the Rune Shawl currently.    When I first signed up for the Society, I figured I would use up stash yarns.  I don’t have a large stash of yarn, but I do have some skeins that were irresistible at the time I bought them and that aren’t tied to a specific project.  I particularly fond of hand dyes by Lisa Sousa and Serendipidye yarns.  I typically buy them two at a time, so there is enough for a shawl or socks.

Anyway, my first three shawls, pictured above, were from stash.  The July project (Vila Wrap) is made with yarn I got while we were in Norway a few years ago.  I thought I would make some mittens with it  I have a few patterns from Natalia Moreva , but around here there isn’t much need for hand warmers.  The Vila Wrap used up most of the three skeins I had.  I made it a column thinner as I was about 100 yards short, but it is still a good size.  The yarn is a bit “crunchy” and I am hoping when I soak and block it, it will bloom and soften.

This months Shawl is Rune.  I did buy four skeins of Alpaca Cloud Fingering weight from KnitPicks for it.  They were on sale, and the colors are deep and saturated.  Plus Alpaca is one of my favorite yarns to wear and knit.  I started this project late last week, and although its relatively simple, I messed up a bit on the center lace motifs in a few different places.  I ripped it and started over, last night I got back to where I was, 20% done.  I’m happy with it now.


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Garden Sampler quilting

I finished the quilting on my Garden Sampler this week.  Here are a few pictures of my favorite blocks.  Needs binding and a hanging sleeve to be done.

I also quilted my Petite Provence quilt.  The 2017 Mystery Quilt from Bonnie Hunter.  Mine is half size, the same number of pieces, but only 43 inches square.  I used a pantograph that I had and the pink paisley material from the stars to bind it.  Plus I made a hanging sleeve, for extra credit of course.  Happy to get this one done 🙂




I’m working on my entry for PIQF this month, as entries are due 8/29/17.  I have the top done, just waiting on the backing fabric to be delivered.  I want to do some embellishing after its quilted and of course binding and hanging sleeve.  Then there’s photos and forms, all in the next 28 days.  No problem, right?

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Quilting on the sampler

I’ve been quilting on my Gardeners Alphabet quilt for the past week or so.  I’m using Superior Threads Micro Quilter for the first time.  It is a very fine thread #100, and it is providing just enough texture to the linen backgrounds of this quilt.  Each block was hand colored and stitched by me, about two years ago.  The top sat for a while because I just didn’t know what I wanted to quilt on it.  I felt I couldn’t just sew a pantograph over the hand stitching after all that work I put into it.  In 2015, I saw a finished one hanging at PIQF, I took lots of inspiration photos.


PIQF Display

I did a little more pinterest research too, there aren’t many pictures of finished quilts out there.  Even on Meg Hawkey’s “your spin on it” pinterest board there are only one or two.  I knew I wanted to sew feathers on the block borders, I was going to sew large ric-rak over them, but I think I like the feathers better.  I am trying to sew a different back ground pattern into each block. Each day I spend on it, I have to push my creativity, it’s good exercise for me.

On my design wall this week are two small quilts that I put together from left over scraps and a charm pack.


This one is from the left over scraps from the Piccadilly and Small Piccadilly quilts, (see this post 2 From 1 Continued ).  The line is called “Pure Bred”, I thought it would make a nice baby quilt for a friend of mine who is a horse lover.


This Baby quilt was made from a charm pack and some yardage.  It’s from the Moda line “Darling Little Dickens” I couldn’t resist the bunnies and sheep.  Of the three babies being born to friends this year, only one is confirmed as a boy.  I need to come up with two more boy quilts to be safe. 😉

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This week has flown by for me.  I looked at the date this morning and realized it is Friday.  I wanted to participate in Design Wall Monday and then it was Wednesday.  I had a head cold all week, and the weather outside was uninviting, so nothing left to do but stay in and sew.


I got 5 quilts bound and finished,  got lots done on my Fen Sprite shawl, I straightened up my sewing room a bit, I worked on quilting my Gardeners Alphabet top, and I decided to make a quilt to enter in PIQF this year.   This last activity is a first for me.  I got the PIQF pamphlet in the mail in Monday, I already knew there weren’t any classes I wanted to take, but I looked through it any way. In the middle there are entry forms and the contest rules.  This years theme is “Every Day”, and there is a Modern quilt contest for “Mid Century Modern”.

I am beginning on a home remodeling project this summer on my home.  Its a 1960’s ranch home that has been remodeled a few times (too many styles mashed together).  I want to bring back some of its original 60’s charm.  The clean lines of Mid Century Modern really appeal to me.  I have been trolling Pinterest daily for ideas and trends of that era.  So when I saw the MCM quilt theme, I suddenly had ideas and colors popping into my head faster than I could write them down.  There is an artist I saw on Etsy, who had some prints and cards of a MCM style that really caught my eye.  I emailed her about using them as inspiration for my quilt and she was enthusiastic about it. Yay!  I quickly sat down and ordered fabric.  This week is going to be for working out a pattern.  There will be curves ahead, and avocado green and turquoise too.  I’m excited!


On my design wall this week is a quilt for a friend.  It’s made up of Marvel Comic prints from Spring Creative and Camelot fabrics.  I ordered them on line and didn’t think there would be a disparity in quality, but there is.  The Spring Creative brand fabric does not have the same hand and thread count as the Camelot.  Sad because they were priced about the same, and the subject is licensed to both.  I came up with the following block:



I made twenty of them, at 16 X 16 inches, they will make up a nice size throw.  I’m using a dark gray Kona for the sashing and borders.  The backing fabric print will be his favorite NFL team’s logo.  Its pretty busy with all the comic pages and colors.  I figure it won’t show dirt/use quickly though.

I worked a lot on the Hosta quilt this weekend, I’m about 70 percent done.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll finish it up.

I have also been knitting away on my Sprite’s Fen Shawl for the Shawl Society II KAL.  I’m using a lace weight yarn, so its hard to see what the finished garment is going to look like, but I like it so far.  I’m about 35% done.


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I started quilting my Fire Island Hosta this week.  I started out the week finishing the True Blue quilt, taking it off the frame, and laying the RWB crossed star quilt on the frame.  I left the RWB thread, that matched perfectly, on a table beside it.  While I was getting the pantograph programed, so it would be ready to go the next day, the dog came into the room and left in a few minutes.  I shut everything down and closed up the studio for the day.  Later I noticed the dog was chewing on something, yep, the perfect thread spool.  More than half of it was off the spool in a tangle and what was left on the spool was dirty and wet with dog spit.  I ordered another online, but it wasn’t going to get here until Wednesday.  So I took the next quilt in line for quilting, the Fire Island Hosta.  FIH with borders

I finished this top back in August 2015.  Since then I have seen quite a few in shows and gotten lots of quilting ideas.  I also purchased a digital quilting pattern for it.  I thought I would try my hand at placing the quilting motifs on it and stitching them out.  After a few hours of fiddling around I gave up on that idea.  There were too many places that the designs weren’t going to fit, and I couldn’t figure out how to make them fit in.  I am able to do it with square and diamond shapes, but the curved and pie shaped pieces are above my expertise at this time.  Plus I didn’t want to mess up my top, its all batik fabric, which isn’t happy about having quilted stitches frogged out.  I got out all my curved rulers, and marking pens and started quilting.  Everything has to be done four times, and there are eight curved inserts.  Once I do a section, I take a photo, and move on the the next.  That way when I advance the quilt, I don’t have to roll back to see what I did.

I’m hoping to finish this weekend, we’ll see.

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