Monday Monday

Whats on my design wall?  A couple of things.  Physically, the strips for my version of the quilt “Inner Circle” by Modern Quilt Studio are hanging on it.  I think it’s a bit too dark, and I am awaiting the delivery of another pack of gray batik strips to arrive.  The contrasting fabrics will be taupe and cream, I am trying not to create too much contrast, more of a shadowing effect.


Next are the blocks done for a quilt I saw recently at Missouri Star Quilting called “Falling Charms”.  There is a YouTube video tutorial if you’re interested.  I am trying to use up the rest of my 1930’s repo fabric, left over from making my Farmers Wife quilt.  I still have some, but I may just cut it up into 2 1/2 ” squares and be done.



In the TBQ pile, I finished a crib size top this past week too.  Again trying to use up the last of the fabric line called “Story Time”.  There were three fat quarters that had 3 inch square blocks printed on them.  I cut them out and interspaced them with a neutral print from the same line in a half block drop columns pattern.  Finished with a three inch border of another coordinating print.


Waiting in the box it came in is the batik fabric for a blue Storm at Sea quilt.  I am waiting/wanting to get to the printers to print the foundations for this block.  I think square in a square and square in a rectangle blocks are easier to paper foundation sew.  With the added benefits of turning out square/true and creating a huge mess of tiny bits of ripped paper everywhere.IMG_3203

Not on the wall, but on the frame, is my Diamonds Rubies and Garnets quilt.  I am about three hours away from finishing it.  Most of the blocks are done with ruler work, and geometric designs in red and white So Fine thread.   IMG_3204

In knitting news, I am doing a KAL with Curious Handmade Sock Society on Ravelry.  This pair is called Winter Rose.  I have Hellebores blooming all over my yard right now, but mine are white and dull purple.  This yarn is from my stash, it’s called Brick house, but the color is brighter than an old brick, and not that orange.  Last night I realized I made an error in the second round after the ribbing.  I was about to start the heel flaps, when I realized I didn’t have enough stitches, I was twelve short.  So I had to rip back, both socks to the ribbing and start over.  So sad.  The good thing is that I have the pattern memorized now, and won’t forget the yarn overs this time.


First attempt/fail

Looking back I think it was a busy and productive week for me.  I hope to finish the DR&G quilt today and get a few smaller quilts that need pantographs done.

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This week I finished up a few tops and started getting more my quilts up on Etsy.  I finished a mitten, took an online Art and Stitch class and designed a few quilts for clients on EQ8.


I used the Kaffe Paperweight fabric for the outer border on the heart quilt.  It ties in nicely with the inner colors.  There is a stripe of it down the middle of the backing too.


The Crayon Box quilt was fun to piece and I think I need to do mitered corners on my borders more often.  Jinny Beyer has an easy way to measure and cut them, if you go to her website and go to “free patterns” there are a few that you can download with the instructions for how to do the mitered borders.  I bought this as a kit from Craftsy last year, it was on sale and looked simple enough.  The directions are well written and there are full color fabric pictures so when you are separating the strips, you know which is which.  There are 36 different prints in this project.  The only bad thing about this kit was that they shrank the instructions down to fit two pages on one page.  At times I had to break out the magnifier.  There were many inset and Y seams, and the majority of them turned out well.


I started another kit I had bought on sale, I think in 2016, too.  I’m planning on making it into two smaller quilts, instead of a twin size.  The prints are too cute for an older child, but just right for a baby or toddler.

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This weeks finish is a sweater named Stråle by Woolfolk.  I can’t remember when I started it, but I finished the body of it some time last winter.  I remember stopping because it had become too warm to have all that wool on my lap.  This past summer I participated in a KAL with Curious Handmade on Ravelry, I needed something to knit while I was between patterns and the sweater was in my basket.  I did one sleeve and put it down again.  Last week I picked it up again and finished off the other sleeve and collar. I want to block it, but our weather has been very wet and cloudy, I know it would take a week for it to dry.

I didn’t do much sewing this past week.  Yesterday I got my serger/coverstitch machine out to hem two pairs of pajama pants.  It took me two hours to wrestle with the machine to get it to sew the hems.  Once I got the needles in the right place, threaded it right, and used the proper foot it was a breeze.  In other sewing news, I traded in my machine for the next model.  I want to start a new project with it, I’ve been designing a teeshirt quilt for a client and I was hoping that I could get started on it. Unfortunately the client has big plans for the tee shirts, and we haven’t found a design that appeals to her.  She sent me a few cute ideas, but they are small throws and use faux fur on the back.  Her tee shirts are 12″ blocks, not cute little 4″ squares of coordinating fabric.  Sigh.  I’ll come up with something, maybe I’ll end up making two quilts for her.  I am getting lots of practice with EQ8 in the meanwhile.

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First Finish for 2018

Yesterday  (1/5/18) I finished quilting and binding my On Ringo Lake Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt.IMG_3097

I’m so happy with how it turned out!  Finished size is 75″ x 90″.

I posted it on the facebook group for Quiltville and I’ve gotten over 1000 likes.  Wow!  I’m a fairly reserved person, not liking the spot light on me.  But you know, sometimes a crafter just needs a pat on the back, a great job comment, or even a WOW!  I think my family is just so used to me making things that they think its common place.  My daughter said “it’s nice”, no comment yet from DH though.  So if you’ve commented out loud to yourself or here on my blog, thank you! I appreciate it.

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Over Achiever


I finished my On Ringo Lake mystery quilt top last night.  Started on November 24th and finished on January 2.  There are 3339 pieces, some as small as 1 1/2 inches square.  I loaded up the backing a few days ago, and now to quilt it.  I surpassed last years personal challenge (En Provence) by two days.  I was wondering if I just made the clues one after the other, how long it would take me.  Six weeks is a long time (for me) in which to complete a quilt top.  Most of these clues/parts took me from one to two days the complete.   If I was truly an over achiever, I think I could do this top in about ten days.  That would certainly suck any fun out of it though, not to mention the wear and tear on me and my machine.


In other news, I restarted the 365 block challenge.  Fortunately for me, the quilter who runs the challenge decided to re-do the 2016 quilt.  I have completed all the blocks up to March.  So I won’t be starting it (again) until then.  As of now, the blocks live in their tote, happily hibernating.  IMG_1367

I have two commission quilts to make in the next month or so.  A tee-shirt quilt and a Storm at Sea quilt.  The Tee-shirt quilt parts are in a plastic bag right now.  I was waiting until the new year to open it and lay everything out, maybe after I quilt the ORL quilt.  The S@S quilt I need to get fabric for, Batiks maybe.  I’m not sure if I want to paper piece it or not.  Those diamond in a rectangle blocks are tough to get straight.  I can’t remember how I did my red and white S@S, hmmm.  I think I used the block-loc rulers and templates.  I should really take notes LOL.

New Years lists

Last December, 2016, I joined a finishing challenge at Patchwork Times.  Finish one UFO a month.  Simple. Well here’s my list:

From oldest to newest:

  1. Blue throw finish piecing etc.
  2. Guatemalan fabric finish piecing etc.
  3. Dragon quilt finish quilting embellishing etc.
  4. Garden Sampler needs quilting/binding
  5. Berties year needs quilting/binding
  6. Catkin mystery needs quilting/binding
  7. 365 Batik block quilt 270 blocks to go…
  8. Coxcomb Medallion needs quilting/binding
  9. Fire Island Hosta needs quilting/binding
  10. Rubies Diamonds and Garnets needs quilting/binding
  11. Shelia needs quilting/binding
  12. Growing up Odd needs quilting/binding
  13. Farmers Wife needs sashing, quilting/binding

Here’s what I finished from the list:

  1. Blue throw – finished piecing, not quilted
  2. Dragon Quilt – did some embellishing
  3. Garden Sampler – Finished
  4. Catkin mystery – quilted, not bound
  5. Fire Island Hosta – Finished
  6. Rubies Diamonds and Garnets – started quilting
  7. Farmers Wife – finished top, got backing, not quilted

Two out of thirteen finished, five worked on, six looked at/ignored.  I had such high hopes too.  I did start and finish a bunch of other projects though, so my year ends on a positive note.  Meaning no extra UFO’s joining to list, thats good.

Finished in 2017

  1. Fancy Forest
  2. Gravity
  3. Confluence 1,2,&3
  4. Peach triangle
  5. Thicket ll
  6. Bubbles
  7. En Provence
  8. Purebred baby quilt
  9. Ducks and Bunnies
  10. Mikes quilt
  11. 4th of July Quilt
  12. True Blue
  13. Modern Tulips
  14. Camilla Baby quilt
  15. Baby boy quilt
  16. Aqua baby quilt
  17. Leo Baby Quilt
  18. Nickolas baby Quilt
  19. I spy Lavender
  20. Summer Wreath

Started in 2017

  1. On Ringo Lake Mystery
  2. Stair-bender – may have to deconstruct due to wonky-ness

I’m not joining any finishing schedules this year or BOMs.  My main goal is to design and make a quilt a month.  My own designs, as I am also intent on learning to use EQ8 effectively.  I may even participate in a few online classes.   Oh I just had a thought,  I should include the four kits I bought in “the started this year” list :).




Small Quilts

I’ve been busy making a few small quilts lately.  Two for my shop and two for my Mom to give as gifts. The first two are an eye-spy and a pixelated heart.


The eye-spy is sort of feminine, and I have more squares cut to make a masculine version with blue background squares subbing for the lavender.  I may add borders to the heart, it just seems to be floating, maybe a print with the same colors.

Also I finished up this quilt, the borders really helped to make it look “happier”.


The other two are for baby boys.  My client wanted blues and the names added to each.  The first one is for a boy named Leo, I found the really cute appliqué lion and letters at Embroidery Library .  The second quilt, I put together today, in a gingham style quilt for Nicholas.  Nick may get a simple embroidered name on his quilt border though.  Each letter takes about 45 minutes to stitch out.  It would take me longer to stitch the name than to make the top LOL.  The pattern is free over at the Fat Quarter shops blog Three hour baby gingham quilt.img_3078.jpg


I’m also working on the Bonnie Hunter mystery, using her colors and size.  Last year I made the En Provence quilt half size, same number of pieces, but a lot smaller once it was finished (bottom picture).  I like this year’s Mystery colors of melon, turquoise and chocolate, and I only had to pick up a few fat quarters to perk up my variety.

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