Union Blues

Petite Union Blues

Petite Union Blues


Needs a bit of pressing, but I like the scrappiness.

This quilt started as a way to use the extra fabric from “Postcards for Cuties”  I had bought a jelly roll and a layer cake, which more than covered the top, but the borders needed more, so I bought a yard each of white and blue.  Got it all cut out and the blocks sewn, they need their appliqué and embroidery.  Found the union blues pattern and thought I would have enough to make it.  Ended up buying 6 more ½ yards of the beige, two more yards of the blue and a charm pack.  Had issues when I mis-read the HST size as 2″ when it was the “finished” size.  I then had to reduce the sizes of a few other pieces.  I mis-read the amount of flying geese needed, though it was 90, but really 360.  I used brown for half of the geese, and two shades of blue for the 16 patches center stripes.  It still looks very scrappy, but there is some order to the lay out, its a bit smaller than original too.  Up next? Hosta quilt? Must bind and finish Andrews quilt, make backings for El Camino, butterfly, and blue jay way quilts.  Butterfly quilt may get squared off when effervescence gets here.    Moda sampler quilt needs a backing, and I should bind the Amish with a twist.