Turkey in the straw

Got 100 border pieces done yesterday, each one is a rectangle and two geese. PLUS I cut all the rest of the rectangles and squares of the whites.  All thats left is the brown 2″ squares, 218 of ’em.  Remembered that there are string borders too.  Will have to do those, maybe I’ll cut the papers today.  I think I have enough browns left, the whites are getting low though.

Started the mitt for Rachel, it’s cute, I think its a bit small though.  Will see after I do the thumb.

Putting off attaching the borders to Taos, Why? The thrill is gone?


fixed it.

It only took about 30 minutes to fix the “errors” in Taos.  I may need to go back and fix the edges a bit before putting the borders on. Some joins have a bit less than 1/4 inch allowance.  I sewed the first border together, it has mitered corners.  Might change it to make 9 patches, mitering the three strips may be a lesson in frustration.  Something IO’ve had enough of with this quilt.  Finished the crazy quilt pumpkin yesterday, its cute.  Also finished the string blocks for Turkey, yay me!

Argh part DEUX

After posting the picture of TAos yesterday, I sent it to Janis to show off a bit.  As I was writing note, I noticed that there were two brown diamonds out of place.  Darn it all.  NOT looking forward to frogging and resewing those parts.

Good news is that I got the 192 or so 4 squares ready.  Simple yet satisfying.

Its a Square!

Finished putting the corner blocks into the star yesterday.  It lays pretty flat, yay.  I think I am done with Y seams for now, and ever.  Started sewing strips for ESQ.  192 four squares to go.  Easy first step.


Post Thanksgiving Post

I ate too much, still feeling full and bloated.  Very thirsty too. I squeeked in a few corner blocks on Taos yesterday.  The first clue for Easy street was posted today.  Not too hard, 192 four patches.  Could do it Monday…

Baltimore Halloween


Is done.  Started in February 2010, finished applique in January 2011.  Finished hand quilting it, got the binding on and a sleeve, yesterday 11-17-12.  This is the third, no fourth quilt I have done by hand.  I may do another.  I use stab stitches instead of loading my needle.  My stitches definitely improved as I went.  I think I used about 350 yards of thread, wow.  Now I have to wait a year to hang it up.


Finished screwing around with the diamonds yesterday.  Made up the four points for the center star and plan on finishing the full center today.  Note to self: Don’t do anymore quilts with 60 degree diamonds.  Getting psyched up for Easy Street, unfortunately loosing interest on Turkey.  Too many bad geese, should have made them bigger and cut them down to size. Why do I have such trouble sewing diagonal seems?  Should finish pfeffernuesse quilting, maybe sunday?